Jury 2013

Jury for the 2013 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature

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Eleanor O’Keeffe

[caption id="attachment_1517" align="alignleft" width="196" caption="Eleanor O’Keeffe"] Can You Take Flagyl While Breastfeeding, [/caption]

Eleanor O’Keeffe is an Irish/Canadian cultural entrepreneur. After living and working in Paris for a number of years, 750mg Can You Take Flagyl While Breastfeeding, 250mg Can You Take Flagyl While Breastfeeding, she was co-director of the Jaipur Literature Festival for two of its earlier years as well as co-director of the Shakespeare and Company Festival in Paris from 2004-6. In 2007, Can You Take Flagyl While Breastfeeding india, Can You Take Flagyl While Breastfeeding mexico, she was one of the founders of the Palestine Festival of Literature (PalFest). Since moving to London to 2007, 30mg Can You Take Flagyl While Breastfeeding, she has created and run 5x15 – a cultural events company that curates evenings of intellectual cabaret. Most recently she has helped curate the Borris House Hay Festival in Ireland. She holds a PhD in History from Cambridge University.

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K. Satchidanandan

One Diflucan Pill, [caption id="attachment_1518" align="alignleft" width="223" caption="K. Satchidanandan"][/caption]

K. Satchidanandan, 1000mg One Diflucan Pill, a pioneering modern Indian poet, critic, 10mg One Diflucan Pill, editor, translator, academic and literary organizer, was the chief executive of India’s national Academy of Letters, One Diflucan Pill coupon. He has authored twenty-one collections of poetry, sixteen books of translations of world poetry and twenty-one works of literary criticism in Malayalam and English besides plays and travelogues. One Diflucan Pill overseas, He has won twenty- five awards for his literary contribution from diverse institutions in India and abroad and is a Fellow of the Kerala Academy of Literature. He has won the Knighthood of Merit from the government of Italy and an India-Poland Friendship Medal from the government of Poland. Representative collections of his poetry have appeared in eighteen languages. He has lectured and read and his work has appeared in anthologies of poetry in several countries across the world from USA to Australia, 50mg One Diflucan Pill.

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Muneeza Shamsie

[caption id="attachment_1519" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Muneeza Shamsie"] Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment Shortage, [/caption]

Muneeza Shamsie is a Pakistani writer and critic. She has edited three anthologies of Pakistani English Literature including the award winning, 500mg Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment Shortage, Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment Shortage mexico, And The World Changed: Contemporary Stories by Pakistani Women. She is guest editor of The Journal of Postcolonial Writing 47.2: Beyond Geography: Literature, Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment Shortage canada, 750mg Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment Shortage, Politics and Violence in Pakistan (May 2011), and also the bibliographic representative (Pakistan) for The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, 20mg Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment Shortage. She is on the advisory board of Bengal Lights and the editorial board of Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies. She lives in Karachi, freelances for Dawn and Newsline and is Managing Editor of a work-in-progress, The Oxford Companion to the Literatures of Pakistan.

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Rick Simonson

[caption id="attachment_1520" align="alignleft" width="296" caption="Rick Simonson"] Non-prescription Generic Cialis, [/caption]Rick Simonson has worked at Seattle's Elliott Bay Book Company, one of the US's leading independent bookstores, since 1976. He is senior buyer and also founded, 250mg Non-prescription Generic Cialis, 50mg Non-prescription Generic Cialis, and co-direct's Elliott Bay's internationally renowned author reading program, which annually presents over 400 authors from the US and other countries, 200mg Non-prescription Generic Cialis, Non-prescription Generic Cialis ebay, including many from South Asia. He serves on the governing boards of Copper Canyon Press and the University of Washington Press, Non-prescription Generic Cialis overseas, is an adviser with the Gardner Center for Asian Art & Ideas, which stages an Eye on India literary program, among other offerings.

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Suvani Singh

[caption id="attachment_1521" align="alignleft" width="227" caption="Suvani Singh"][/caption]

Cialis Versus Viagra, Suvani Singh is the Festival Director of Kathmandu Literary Jatra, an international literature festival in Nepal. She runs a bookshop, Cialis Versus Viagra paypal, 10mg Cialis Versus Viagra, Quixote's Cove, through which she organizes and manages literary arts events in Kathmandu, Cialis Versus Viagra uk. 150mg Cialis Versus Viagra, The bookshop works closely with schools and colleges in Kathmandu to develop their libraries as well as conduct workshops with teachers and students to promote creative writing and the love for reading. She often finds herself taking on the role of a literary agent and is toying with the idea of formalizing it.

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