1. An entry must be a full-length work of fiction of at least 25,000 words. Novels and novellas are eligible for the prize while short stories are not eligible.
  2. All entries should have been first published in the period between April 15th 2018 and April 5th 2019. This must be certified by the publisher in the entry form. As a special case, books released within this period but having the official publishing date within a month of the cut off date may be considered through a special approval of the Steering Committee.
  3. Entries can be submitted only through publishers, who may send in two entries per imprint. Only one additional entry per imprint may be considered if the publisher sends in a special waiver request.
  4. An entry may be submitted for consideration only once in any edition of the DSC Prize and cannot be resubmitted in a subsequent edition.
  5. Books by past winners of the DSC Prize would not be eligible for consideration.
  6. In case of multiple entries made for the same book by more than one publisher, the first received entry would be considered.
  7. The submitted book can be written by an author of any ethnicity from any country, which predominantly features themes based on South Asian culture, politics, history, or people. South Asia is defined as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Burma and Afghanistan.
  8. The author, and where applicable, the translator must be living at the time of the book’s submission.
  9. The book must be an original work in English, or translated into English.
  10. The book must not be self-published.
  11. Books published only in e-book form are not entitled to be entered.
  12. Seven hard copies of the entry would be required to be sent to the DSC Prize Secretariat by courier.
  13. All entries in the form of hard copies need to be received by the Secretariat between 5th April 2019 and 10th May 2019.
  14. The Steering Committee would ratify selection of entries and their decision would be final. All submissions would be treated on a confidential basis.