DSC Prize 2013 Jury Announced

K Satchidanandan to chair International panel of judges for US $50,000 DSC Prize celebrating the best of contemporary South Asian fiction

New Delhi, July 09, 2012: Acclaimed Indian litterateur K Satchidanandan has been announced as the chair of the Jury for the 2013 edition of the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature. Joining him on the judging panel are renowned literary personalities from across the globe including Pakistani writer and critic Muneeza Shamsie; literary entrepreneur Rick Simonson from the Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle; Director of the Kathmandu Literary Jatra, Suvani Singh; and Irish/Canadian cultural entrepreneur Eleanor O Keeffe. Encompassing several global literary landscapes, the eclectic judging panel has been chosen to reflect interests and creative principles of writing pertaining to the South Asian region – an agenda that the DSC Prize is committed to promoting.

Transcending author ethnicity, the US $50,000 DSC Prize recognizes works of fiction from across the globe that highlight South Asia, its people, culture and diaspora. With the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature now firmly established as a major global literary award, the third edition of the prize has received more than 80 entries, a 30% increase over the previous year. Entries for the DSC Prize 2013 have come in from 36 publishers worldwide and these span South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Bhutan as well as leading publishers from UK, USA and Australia. As in the previous years, several translated entries have come in which is an aspect the DSC Prize encourages as half the prize money is awarded to the translator, should a translated entry win the prize.

Speaking about the role of the Jury, K Satchidanandan, Chair of the Jury said, “It gives me immense pleasure to have been invited to join an international jury of eminent writers and critics to choose a work of fiction that imaginatively recreates life in South Asia in its great diversity and vitality, its beauty and agony. I am particularly happy that the works under consideration include not only writing in English that is doubtlessly flourishing in Asia today but also translations from a variety of languages about whose inexhaustible creativity I have never been in doubt.”

Reading through the submissions over a span of three and a half months, the five member Jury will announce a Longlist for the DSC Prize 2013 in October in New Delhi, India. The Shortlist will be unveiled in November in London and the winner will be announced in January 2013 at the DSC Jaipur Literature Festival. Assessing literary fiction published between January 2011 and April 2012, the 2013 edition of the DSC Prize will present readers with the very best of contemporary South Asian writing.

Commenting on the Jury announcement, Manhad Narula of DSC Limited, said “We are delighted to have a panel of such highly acclaimed international literary figures on the DSC Prize 2013 Jury. With the combined expertise on South Asian writing they bring in, we now eagerly look forward to their selection for the Longlist and Shortlist for the DSC Prize this year. As always, we are confident that the eventual winner chosen by the Jury will be a true reflection of the very best of South Asian writing that is redefining the aspirations of this region.

The DSC Prize for South Asian Literature has previously been won by HM Naqvi for Home Boy (HarperCollins India) in 2011 and Shehan Karunatilaka for Chinaman: The Legend of Pradeep Mathew (Random House India) in 2012. Both authors have gone on to be published internationally, with Home Boy published by Hamish Hamilton in the UK and The Legend of Pradeep Mathew published by Graywolf Press in the USA. Both signings have reinforced the faith that previous DSC Prize juries have shown in the works of the winning authors, and helped realize one of the central visions of the prize, which is to propagate and present South Asian writing to a larger global audience.


Notes to the Editor

About DSC Limited’s Literary Initiatives

In its efforts to contribute to social growth and create social infrawealth, DSC Limited has identified the promotion of literature as a key initiative. The company firmly believes that promoting literature helps build the character of society, just as its infrastructure projects help create the infrawealth of the nation.

As a major move towards promoting literature, the company has been supporting the DSC Jaipur Literature Festival for the last six years. During this period, this event has grown to become the largest literary event of its kind in the region. As part of its vision of promoting South Asian literature, the most significant development has been the institution of the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature in 2010. This unique prize, which carries an award of US $50,000, is a celebration of the rich and varied world of literature belonging to the South Asian region.

DSC Limited has also been the principal sponsor of the DSC South Asian Literature Festival in the UK. With growing interest and a robust following of South Asian writing in the UK, this event is a critical platform in extending the company’s patronage of literature to a global audience.


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